Canadian Tire MasterCard – Take Your Pick of Great Cards with a Canadian Tire MasterCard

Everyone is always on the lookout for a credit card that offers them some form of reward for using it. These days most of the better cards offer a variety of different reward programs to try and attract new clients. With the Canadian Tire MasterCard you will find four different options which cover a range of different rewards that can fit in with all of your needs. They issued their first card in 1995 and now have five different cards to choose from.

The original card issued by Canadian Tire MasterCard was the Options Card and it is still in use today. This card allows you to use the card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted and earn Canadian “Tire Money.” This “money” can be used to pay for any purchase you make at any Canadian Tire. You can use them to pay for smaller purchases or save them up to pay for something big like a complete set of tires.

If you would prefer to see your savings instantly, there is the Gas Rewards Card that will allow you to save up to 10 cents per liter of gas every time you buy your gas at one of the many Canadian Tire Gas Bars across the company. Among the many other advantages is the ability to get a cash advance at over 400,000 ATM machines around the world that display the MasterCard or Cirrus logo and 24 hour access to account information online.

For those who prefer getting cash back as their reward, the Cash Back this MasterCard allows you to earn up to 1.5% back on any purchase that is eligible. You can also earn up to 3% on purchases at Canadian Tire stores, Canadian Tire gas bars, L’equipeur Stores and Mark’s Work Warehouse. There are no annual fees and your cash back is applied to your account every years.

canadian tire mastercardFinally for those who want to stay ahead of the curve there is the Curve from this MasterCard. This card gives you up to 1.5% in cash back everywhere you shop and up to 3% at all Canadian Tire Stores, Gas Bars as well as Mark’s Work Warehouse as well as L’equipeur. Your cash rewards will never expire and you can take the automatic annual cash back deposit or redeem it at any time with a simple phone call.

When it comes to choosing the right credit card you will find that there is a Canadian Tire MasterCard to fit in with any lifestyle. These cards all feature no annual fees and exceptional low rates that will save you money with all of the different reward programs they offer.